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Here we are Providing All about Learn IT Course in English & Other Languages!


The Most Important and Efficient Point We IT Tutor in English, & Other Languages is that These English, & Other Languages IT Notes and Tutorial are in English, Urdu, and Kannada! & in pictorial form that is very easy to understand Learn IT Courses in English, Urdu, and Kannada.
We have grouped the IT Notes in English, Urdu, and Kannada according to initial to final classes. Below is the list of IT Tutorial in English, Urdu, Kannada classes that are very informative and helpful for students and those who take interest to Learn IT in English, Urdu, and Kannada and want to carry on as a professional. So! Now we will start Our Lesson according to Basic Lectures of this English, Urdu, Kannada IT tutorial and do practice as much as you can.


We provide absolutely free tutorial online on various computer programming language like C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Data structure etc. We also provide the classes for SEO, Inpage, Fedora Linux and many more.


We work with many professional educators to know what we should currently be focusing on when working with students (learners) .Our programs include:

  • Computer Hardware / Hardware Trouble Shooting
  • Oracle > DBA, Apps, Core
  • Adobe > Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator 
  • HTML
  • C Language 
  • Google Ad sense
  • Auto Cad
  • Many More...







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